Web development becomes more and more structured that you don’t even need to have an excellent knowledge with regards to coding and other technical skills to be able to become one of the best web developer. You can always use the design assets of the known wed designers and web developers then simply make a few alterations as you desire. However, in cases that you wanted to know more and load yourself with technical aspects of website building, the following tips coming from the expert will definitely help you in improving your skills.

  1. Debugging Software. Having an excellent debugger will definitely help you with your web programming project a lot faster. For the front end, a lot of experts recommend the use of Firebug. It allows you in clicking elements within your page then analyze as to which of the styles needs to be applied and coming from what stylsheet. You can even remove or add style within fly or even edit your page markup. Firebug also helps you with JavaScript debugging thus providing you with a lot better analysis of the JavaScript errors.
  2. Version Control. All good web developers must know how to use the version control. This is the best method to back up your files while you are working with them. This is also the sole method in effectively collaborating with the other developers. This works by keeping your record of any changes within the directory content. While working you will be able to send any changes to version control. You can even roll back to pas version once needed.
  3. Creating layouts with only Valid CSS or HTML and without any tables. Let’s admit the fact that since 1996 the back end developers are required to have knowledge in writing a very good front-end code. This means that they need to use a valid CSS or HMTL and that bunch of tables. The markup needs to be clean and its doc type must be validated while the CSS must be separated with the HTML. This means that there should not be any inline styles.
  4. Cyber Law and Copyright basics. You do not need to have degree in law but is imperative that all web developers should possess even the basic knowledge when it comes to the cyber and copyright law whenever you are doing business. This is because websites are basically publications, issues with copyright tends to become a common legal issue for every websites. You need to be aware with the laws covering user generated contents, stolen Flickr photos, and quoting paragraphs coming from any source. It is important that you know when you are offending the law or other websites.
  5. Apache rewrites. This makes it easy to clean up and create an easy to type URLs. That is if you know regular expressions. Aside from simple cleaning of the URL’s, its mod rewrite may be used in making fast turn to simple pages towards a complete app that has a directory structure. All you need to do is rewrite the multiple query string tables to become directories and you’re ready. Yet, web developer during the process of web development should know that Apache rewrites is very hard to debug.